It’s A Trap!

What dungeon is complete without Traps? In The Crafter’s Defense, you will unlock many types of traps as your Core Level increases. In addition to monsters, traps are your primary way of defending your dungeon. Traps can deal massive amounts of damage to the creatures trying to invade your dungeon, but they require time to recharge after being activated. If you have played traditional Tower Defense games, traps are similar to towers, with the caveat that they can be place anywhere, including on the invasion path.

Bearlings Are Weak To Fire

Word of Caution: Unlike your dungeon’s monsters, once a trap is placed, there is no way to move it. Before crafting a trap, consider your future plans for your dungeon. Place your traps where they will be of value for both your immediate and long term strategies.

However, if you do find that your trap is no longer valuable, scrap it. When scrapping traps or dungeon monsters, you will recover half of the mana cost it took to craft and upgrade.

Every Dungeon Could Use A Spike Trap

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