Press Kit

The Crafter’s Defense

Build your dungeon, lay traps, control your monsters, and defend your core!

The Crafter's Defense

Quick Facts

  • Platforms
    • PC
    • Mac
  • Release Date
    • Early Access available at on April 2, 2021
    • Commercial Release Summer 2021
  • Unique Elements
    • Defenders can take damage and be killed / destroyed.
    • Take direct control of any defender, or set them to automatically defend.
    • Modify the layout of your dungeon and the path invaders take through your dungeon.
    • Level-up your dungeon to unlock new defenders, traps, and dungeon customization options.
    • Story based on the “Crafter’s Dungeon” book series by J. Brooks
  • Website
  • Developer
    • Dapper Duck Software

Game Play Summary

The Crafter’s Defense is an action-defense game, combining elements of both tower defense and action games. The player takes on the role of a dungeon core, a human reincarnated as a sentient dungeon, and must defend against waves of invaders. In place of towers, players place traps and dungeon monsters which can be placed directly on the invasion path and attacked by invaders. Each dungeon monster also has the ability to be directly controlled by the player, adding action elements to a traditionally passive portion of the gameplay loop. Between waves, the player can customize the layout of their dungeon, thus altering the invasion path. A “Core Level” tracks the player’s progress through the game unlocking more traps and dungeon monsters and adding to the replayability.

Story Summary

While most dungeons want bloodshed and to grow their domain, Sandra has a simpler agenda: to craft objects. In her human life, Sandra studied all manner of crafting disciplines from leather working to magical enchantments. However, due to a disfigurement of her hands, she was unable to personally craft any items. Now that she has been reborn as a dungeon core, she has a chance to ply her vast knowledge of crafting. That is, if she can protect herself from an onslaught of invaders who want nothing more than to loot her treasures and destroy her very essence.

Product Keys

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