What is a Dungeon Core?

So what exactly is a dungeon core? A dungeon core represents the sentient being of a dungeon. A fragile orb floating in space that is the master of its lair. Most dungeon cores are driven by the desire to grow and expand their area of influence, often leading them to become single minded and blood thirsty.

When living creatures die, their life force, or mana, is released. Dungeon cores crave this sacred resource as it is vital to their growth and expansion. Dungeon cores will often lay traps and create dungeon monsters not only to protect themselves, but to kill any living creature to steal their mana.

Sandra, the protagonist of this game, is not like most dungeon cores. She is driven not by a desire to grow, but rather to craft. Unfortunately, the native wildlife and sentient beings in the area only see a dangerous dungeon and are intent on seeing her demise. Sandra must do what is necessary to ensure her survival, even if it means killing those that invader her dungeon. A task she does not relish.

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