You Are Under Attack!

Croc Attack!

Protecting you dungeon from invaders is a key mechanic in The Crafter’s Defense. Waves of invaders will try to stop your dungeon from growing. But what exactly does that mean? You will be on the defense trying to put an end to their relentless assaults. And the best defense? A good offense.

Monsters and traps are your keys to staging an effective offensive. You can place monsters anywhere in your dungeon, but keep in mind that the invaders are out for blood. Every invader has a different attack pattern that you must learn to survive. For example Bearlings will lash out at anything in front of them. If you place your monsters too close to the invasion path when Bearlings are around, it’s bye bye Clockwork Spider.

You can look forward to seeing many of your favorite creatures from the books. Territory Ants, Bearlings, Orcs, and more. Each with their own attack patterns and agendas. Don’t expect them to stay strictly on the invasion path either. Check out this angry Croc who does not appreciate fine pottery.

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